How is Tech Alliance different from other agencies?

Tech Alliance’s focus is with clients who aspire to reach teen, young adult, and Millennial consumers.

Tech Alliance’s expertise of the teen and young adult market allows the agency to present a client’s message in an authentic voice that is critical in connecting with young consumers.

How does Tech Alliance work with new clients?

A relationship with a new client typically starts with a phone call or a meeting between one of Tech Alliance’s Partners or Directors and a prospective client. This initial meeting is to determine if the client’s objectives and Tech Alliance’s experience are a match.

The information that Tech Alliance seeks to determine if there’s a fit includes:

  • Background information on the client’s specific project and goals
  • Details on a project budget
  • Timeline of the program

Tech Alliance will then develop a proposal and present it to the prospective client to provide its’ services.

Does Tech Alliance respond to RFPs (Requests for Proposals)?

Tech Alliance will respond to an RFP if the agency’s Partners and Directors feel that the project is a good fit and after the agency has met the prospective client in person or by phone. Please either submit your RFP here or via email:

How does Tech Alliance determine a project’s costs and its agency fees?

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Is Tech Alliance a local, regional, or national agency?

Tech Alliane is a national agency, but does work with some select regional clients as well as international brands.

In addition to our core team, we have field staff in many markets across the US and have executed programs across North America, Europe, South America, and Asia.

Do you have a brochure or materials that you can send me?

You can obtain most agency information and case studies about Fuse on our website. To request a capabilities presentation or discuss a specific project, contact Fuse.

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My company has one or more agencies at our disposal. Why would I need Tech Alliance?

Most of Tech Alliance’s clients are national and global brands that work with several agencies. Our exclusive focus is on marketing services targeting teens and young adults, which provides clients and their agency roster with added expertise and value when talking to younger consumers. Tech Alliance often collaborates with other agencies.

You can obtain most agency information and case studies about Tech Alliance on our website. To request a capabilities presentation or discuss a specific project.

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